Municipal Cultural Center

Municipal Cultural Center in Olsztyn is the institution which organizes leisure and systematic cultural education for children, adolescents and adults. All the participants can develop their artistic talents, pursue their own interests, fill free time with play and take part in competitions at the municipal, provincial, regional and nationwide level.

Having been working with various institutions in the country for years, Municipal Cultural Center in Olsztyn organizes events for families, educational and entertaining events: concerts of carols and patriotic songs
in churches, meetings with interesting people, authors evenings, contests for recitation, art and preschool songs , instrumental music concerts, painting exhibitions, folk art, summer concerts and festivities, runs, a review of folk songs, reviews of abstinent art, tournaments of chess and table tennis, sightseeing tours, trips to the theaters and concert halls, after-school classes and care centers.
Municipal Cultural Center invites guests for cultural delegations, delegations from friendly Polish cities, foreign delegations.
Diverse cultural offer provides frequent and direct contact with community residents and tourists. This allows us to achieve the goals of culture and education.
1 July 2006  a self-government cultural institution was set up.
Reports from the events can be found on the main website of the Municipal Office of Olsztyn and in the 'recent events'.

Municipal Cultural Center in Olsztyn
Pl. Piłsudskiego 15
42-256 Olsztyn

Mariola Matysek
tel 0-34 328 53 13
office hours: 12:00 - 20:00

You are welcome! Admission free.

Local Activity Club

On the initiative of a group of women in October 2004 formed a group called Local Activity Club, acting under the auspices of the Municipal Cultural Center in Olsztyn.
The purpose of this group was an active participation in the current cultural and social events, organizational support and active participation in competitions for adult  citizens.
A Club Board was elected, a framework plan of work was established and the Club started off. Ladies meet every first Wednesday of the month. They teach songs that were presented at the Festival of Folk Song, parish-communal agricultural shows, family fete in the parish gardens and a folk fest.
Together they embroider and share recipes. All the ladies learned how to make paper flowers. Some of them successfully participated in the "Flowers" District Competition for traditional tissue paper ornaments.Tissue paper flowers have also been used for designing the Easter palm and twice in a Regional Competition for a palm, an Easter egg and madder. Local Activity Club won the grand prix. Ladies also made the palm for St. John the Baptist Church in Olsztyn to decorate the altar on Palm Sunday. They also take part in designing one of the field altars for the feast of Corpus Christi.
Parish-communal harvest feast is another event  the Local Activity Club is involved in. The ladies made a wreath, which won another first prize. With this promotion they could take part in a county and in a voivodship harvest feasts in Mykanów. They represented the municipality of Olsztyn. In November during All Saints Mass celebrated at the Cemetery Monument Mausoleum the ladies make their homage  to  people who died for freedom.
Their goal is to cultivate folk traditions and rituals. Therefore, at the end of the carnival the group visited the offices, shops and institutions in masquerade costumes, maintaining
and revitalizing the old ritual of the end of carnival.
We warmly welcome everyone to join our company.

Olsztyn Moving Crib

While visiting Olsztyn you should also drop into Jan Wewiór’s gallery. It is situated in a hundred year old rural cottage next to an old market square and attracts your attention with colored decorations. Just past the gate you will notice a wooden female ghost - and you need to put a penny into her big shoes for a fortunate life. Sometimes, however, it seems to be enough to visit Jan’s gallery to feel happy and fortunate.

Jan Wewiór’s Creative Chamber
st. Kühna 1
42-256 Olsztyn
The gallery opened daily from 9 am to 5 pm.
To arrange exploring the crib on a particular day
please call: 0-607-414-806

The Barn Theater

Although the building itself does not look attractive – it is just a wheat barn – it hides many surprises. It is worth coming to see the Theater’s performance. It will charm you and you will certainly want to come back. And the barn will no longer be so ordinary.
In the old wooden barn the poet Stacho ‘Birch Wood’ Kałkus created an unusual theater. In the place where once farmer stored the grain today is the scene. Where was the equipment used in the field burlap bags filled with sawdust are arranged for the audience to sit in on them during the performance. Another room is decorated with old farm equipment. After the performances feasts are organized here and the guests are given homemade bread and lard.
The Jurassic Barn Theater performs vaudevilles, monodramas, performances about the lives of the saints. The performances involve professionals and amateurs. You can visit at the Theatre at any time. Stacho "Birch Wood" Kałkus willingly talks about the theater life. Good time to come and see the plays is both in spring and summer on Saturdays and Sundays preferably in the evening.
‘This is a great place for a theater.’ Stacho Kałkus explains. ‘Name of the Barn is associated with the famous students club in Warsaw.  However our Barn has a different symbolic. When a rural barn is full, it is the sign of  prosperity and happiness of the owner. When it is empty it means that the hard times are coming ...
Here is a perfect acoustics, you can hear actors’ whispers in every corner of the audience. It was also a great idea to light the barn with a warm light of the day> In order to do that we  removed a few tiles and replaced them with an ordinary glass panes. There is not any rigid division between stage and audience. Once the curtain is raised - the only item taken from the traditional theater - the audience becomes a part of the whole performance, not only observing and experiencing, but above all taking part in the spectacle, and can be a specific, spontaneous actor.

The authors of the texts presented on stage are Stacho and Urszula Ostrowska who also composes music. The rest of the troupe are: Andrzej Kuśnierczyk Leszek Jeziorski and Kazimierz Leszczynski.
Pieces that became permanent in the repertoire are ‘Summer Solstice Tales’, ‘Grazyna and Anna’s Sunflowers Feast’ and ‘All Souls’ Day or laughing at ghosts’.  Currently the artists are working on the interpretation of the art by Aleksander Fredro ‘The Defense of Olsztyn’ (premiere in May this year). On 21. March there will be a boisterous welcome of spring with the spring concert of women from the Association of Folk Culture Creators of Skrajnica. Moreover the Easter Passion based on Norwid with Sibelius music is being prepared.
The barn is often available for those who want to organize a unforgettable greeting or actor’s benefit feast.

The Jurassic Barn Theater has been voted The Best Regional Agro tourism Product of 2004. This decision was made by the Competition Chapter at the International Poznan Fair ‘Polagra-Farm 2004’ in 14 September 2004.

Jurassic Theater Barn
St. Zielona 14
42-256 Olsztyn
Phone: 501-753-249

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