2nd Knights Tournament for The Kacper Karlinski’s sword, August 9th 2009
The event takes place at the castle, 09.08.2009, in Olsztyn. Preliminary plan of the 2nd Tournament  for The Kacper Karlinski’s sword covers:
- Opening of the event at 10.30 with the parade to the church, the march-past of about 100-120 knights who get out of the castle, go through the roundabout towards the church for a mass.
Please note that on this day in Olsztyn is there will be a pilgrims’ fair.
After the mass, a short break is planned and then the ladies’ tournament on horseback for "The ring of the mayor" will start.  There will be also the show of wielding lance and sword, invasion on the Saracen, sticking a sack onto a spear.
Meanwhile there is an archery tournament for guests who wish to join this competition.
At about 3 p.m. we plan the falconers’ show. At about  3.30 old dance classes for the audience.
A troupe from Slovakia will have a wrestling show. Around 4 p.m. artillery demonstrations.
4.30 Tournament Kacper's Karlinski’s Saber
5 p.m. an equestrian tournament of Husaria in charge

At that time all the groups are preparing to take part in the battle of the castle.

8 p.m. An Assault against The Castle

Meanwhile, on the castle grounds there will be situated a knights’ village which was constructed especially for children’s plays. Under a careful supervision they can shoot a bow and a bellow, to see how to make the paper in an old style, bake yourself a flat cake and hand make butter.
On the castle grounds there will also be stalls with mead, the art of obtaining a handmade paper for adults and the art of writing with a quill pen, as well as a pottery show.

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