So we played 8th August 2010 (Sunday), 3rd Tournament for the Kasper Karliński’s sword – Olsztyn near Czestochowa - gallery
As every year the tournament started the knights’ parade when about 200 participants In the 16th century historical costumes, fully armed, marched to the parish church for the solemn pilgrim amount. Parade of knights was warmly welcomed by the crowds gathered on the route.

And then the show went on,  the brotherhood of knights from all over the country and the Czech Republic and Slovakia perfprmed at the meadows and the auditorium  admired  colorful clothing, replica muskets, sabers, peak, and many other tools to fight and defend.

To the delight of the crowd Knights were showing their skills, we could see the officers of the hussars, sword fighting tournament where the prize was a replica of the (usable) Karabakh from the sixteenth century, shows, court dances. From time to time the God of War – artillery – was speaking, startling birds, frightening children and lying clouds over the castle towers.

From time to time the cannon and muskets thundered, you could enjoy the paper making or a self-baked cake.
Parched throat, flushed with golden mead and beer, loudly cheered ladies and knights in many struggles.
The kids admired falcons and seeking treasures in the ruins of the castle.

About 7pm the gathered crowds admired the reconstruction of storming the castle by the troops of Prussia and the Austrian Archduke Maximilian. As the year before the brave governor Kasper Karliński answered the attack by sacrificing his own son's life.





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