II Knights Tournament - so we played on 09th August 2009
In a sunny Sunday morning, August 9th,  at the royal castle meadows in Olsztyn near Czestochowa, II Tournament for Kacper Karlinski’s sword began again.

The tournament began with a parade of Knights during which over 150 participants, all in historic 16th century costumes and  fully armed, marched to the parish church for the solemn pilgrim sum.

Then a lot of things happened on the commons of the castle.  The companies of knights from all over the country and the Czech Republic presented  to the wide audience who admired the original colored clothing, replica muskets, swords, spades, and many other tools both for fighting and defending the castle.

The knights, to the delight of the crowd, presented their skills in numerous tournaments. We could admire the Amazons in the tournament for the ring of the mayor, hussars batch, the archery tournament and finally the saber battle tournament in which the prize was a replica (an applied one) of the 16th century saber.

From time to time the cannon and muskets thundered, there was an opportunity to try how to reap the paper or to taste a homemade  flat cake.

Thirsty throats of the audience, flushed with mead and the golden lager beer, loudly cheered the ladies and knights in many struggles.

The youngest guests could admire falcons and seek treasure in the ruins of the castle.

At dusk there was a final event reconstructing the storming of the Olsztyn castle by the army of the Austrian Archduke Maximilian. The brave governor Kacper Karlinski forced the enemy back sacrificing  his own son’s life.

The enemy abandoned the walls of the castle in disgrace with a plan to conquer it in the following year.

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